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Omega Medical Coding Academy (OMCA) is the brain-child of our CEO, Mr. Gopi Natarajan, created to leverage  Omega Healthcare Management Services’  (OHMS) vast experience and benefit both students and the industry in general. This first-of-its-kind business-academia collaboration will deliver high-caliber professional medical coders to cater to the expanding industry.

With highly-qualified trainers and over 6000 coders trained, OMCA will tap the huge base of graduates emerging from educational institutions, and help India become a force to be reckoned within outsourced healthcare services. As the US prepares to transition from ICD 9 to the more complex ICD 10, OMCA certification will provide fresh graduates with the opportunity to work on critical processes for Fortune companies in the US.

Omega Medical Coding Academy is a division of  OHMS — the preferred BPO partner to the US healthcare industry, with over 10,000 employees. Operating out of its headquarters in Bangalore, OHMS offers premier offshore services including medical billing, medical coding, revenue cycle management, and other healthcare-related services.

OHMS co-founders together combine over 50 years of experience in the industry to drive the company to success. Today, OHMS is helping the US healthcare industry boost efficiencies in costs, productivity, payment processing and more.

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  • Reputed medical coding resource provider to the entire healthcare BPO industry
  • Robust technology platform to deliver efficient training
  • Result-oriented training modules



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