Minimum criteria: Graduates from Life Science, Paramedical background.
  1. Trainee Coder
  2. Senior Coder
  3. Quality Analyst in Coding
  4. Specialized Process Coach (Emergency Department /In-Patient / Evaluation and Management/Surgery Coder/Radiology/Anesthesia/Pathology) and many more
  5. Team Lead
  6. Process Lead
  7. Manager
  8. Assistant Manager
  9. Senior Manager
The healthcare industry is booming as population size increased and people demand for more healthcare services. There is a strong likelihood of a corresponding expansion in medical coding and billing service requirements. Further, physician offices, hospitals and the insurance companies may generate their own demand for medical coders and billers too in  the near future. Presently, the need for coders and billers is high in outsourcing companies in India.
Typically, this is a 45-day, full-time course which runs from 9 am – 6 pm (Monday – Friday).  
Yes, we do offer job placement assistance.
“Omega Medical Coding Academy – Certified Medical Professional” Certificate will be issued post successful completion of the course.
Yes, 100% of the fees are refunded ONLY to those students recruited by Omega Healthcare Management Services (terms & conditions apply— please check with an OMCA representative).
We accept online payments only. Please get in touch with an OMCA representative for further details.